“Ich bin Deutsch” says this inspired work of refreshing liquid art. Breathe it in before drinking and the nose comes alive with noble ingredients. Then that first sip, as magical as a first kiss, crisp on the lips and lingering on the tongue to dance in your memory.

5MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 70 CAL

This street wise IPA inspired beverage had been influenced by its travels from the West Coast to New England and back. Light malts and oats create a bright look that is well balanced with fruit forward hop aroma and flavor.

5MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 100 CAL

This Bavarian bohemian has found its way to the tropics! A Hefeweizen at heart, it strays from the standard of having only Noble hops by introducing a tropical twist from modern American aroma hops.

5MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 80 CAL

Go ahead, get drenched in the summer sun. Then drink in the sweet, tangy bliss of our Grapefruit Fight. Splashed with grapefruit juice and refreshing lemon. Grapefruit Fight is destined to be your new crush.

5MG & 10MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 110 CAL

Hazy dark gold with a soft and pillowy mouthfeel. Delicate, fruity aroma reminding you of that delicious ripe mango that haunts your dreams. The mango character isn’t just in the aroma, but subtly in the taste as well. There is some hop bitterness upfront that gently diminishes.

5MG & 10MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 100 CAL

Give thanks for this Straight Drank by Two Roots and Jetty Extracts™. The taste and smell of this cannabis crafted beverage flood your senses as soon as you release them from this tinny. You’ve just cracked open a new portal to true enlightenment.

10MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 100 CAL

Like afternoon light through stained glass, this Belgian-style dubbel casts colorful beams of dark caramel, date, pear, bubble gum, and citrus. Shadow Monk’s specialty malts, sugars, and yeast give it a smooth, medium body that pours amber with sunbursts, a sure sign that every sip will be divine.

5MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 110 CAL

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