“Ich bin Deutsch” says this inspired work of refreshing liquid art. Breathe it in before drinking and the nose comes alive with noble ingredients. Then that first sip, as magical as a first kiss, crisp on the lips and lingering on the tongue to dance in your memory.

5MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 70 CAL

For those who think hops are hip, boy do we have the right beverage for you. New West packs a perfect punch that’s both floral and fruity, with a zippy little citrus finish. Like sushi? Then pair this bev with a spicy tuna roll and prepare to have your life changed and mind blown.

5MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 100 CAL

Breaking News: there's been an explosion at a fruit market. OK, OK, not really, but that’s the taste that comes out of our Bavarian Bohemian Tropical Infamy: a crafted beverage with a tropical twist and a zesty carbonation that supercharges all the flavors into one sweet drink.

5MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 80 CAL

You can get a dynamite version in Ireland, but not with our most precious ingredient. In addition to the cannabis infusion, RCG dazzles your senses with a body that’s rich, creamy, chocolatey and with just enough coffee notes that you might want to enjoy one with breakfast.

5MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 110 CAL

Behold, a natural Blonde that’s as much a feast for your eyes as it is on your palette. This creation gets its soft body and smooth, vivacious drinkability from specialty ingredients and a cool- crafted process. Who would have dreamed an NA Blonde could be so simply stunning?

5MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 90 CAL

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